What Is The Dark Web |How Does The Dark Web Works It’s Best|Ways To Access And Navigate

what is dark web

What is the Dark Web?

We all have come across the term dark web and more often than not we consider it’s an illegal part of the internet. Although part of it is true, there are major differences between the dark web and the deep web. The deep web is a part of the internet where you can find the non-indexed websites. Any website which has a page that has to be accessed by a particular URL is in the deep web. No other reason than it isn’t indexed by the search engines. Most of the data and the content present in the deep web is perfectly safe and are usually highly confidential, which may include personal information like your bank account passwords, legal or medical documents, etc.

So what is the Dark web you ask? It stands for what it is. The dark web is a part of the internet where websites and webpages are not accessible by normal search engines like chrome, safari or Firefox. These webpages are highly encrypted and are not traceable due to the TOR (the onion router) protocol. While you can surf anonymously in the dark web, the website you are searching is also hosted anonymously and is deeply encrypted making it impossible to trace the original hosting platform and its owner.

what is the dark web

How to Access the Dark Web?

Accessing the dark web is easier than one might think. It does not require any investments whatsoever. You can directly download the TOR browser from their official website. There are another open source dark web search engines like Freenet, I2P and Riffle where one can surf the dark web. Although it is easy to surf the dark web, it is almost impossible to find a website without knowing the URL. Unlike the traditional search engines TOR does not index the websites. It will take some digging until you find what you need.

That brings us to the next question, is it legal and safe?

Although there are lots of sites which are harmless and safe, an unknown link or a website could literally be harmful. Any malware could easily get into your device by just clicking on a link. Even worse it may get dirty and dark real quick. It’s better to stay away from some of these websites as illegal drugs, human trafficking are real and the predators could be highly searched criminals you do not want to get involved with.

what is the dark web

We all can agree that there is a pretty clear line between what is legal and what is not. If it is illegal in the real world, it is illegal everywhere! The dark web included. The law enforcement like the FBI and the INTERPOL are keeping a close eye on some of these websites. Just like you they hide under the anonymity too. Running into them will cost your life.

How FBI Involves?

The FBI has since busted many paedophiles, drug dealers and has prevented human trafficking over the years. The famous silk road, alpha bay and Hansa were all illegal drugs dealing websites which were taken down by the law enforcement over the years arresting the alleged owners, yet new ones tend to replace them gradually.

You can almost find every illegal activity from hiring an assassin to acquiring illegal human organs. Although these are sold through the web cash is considered little to no value while bitcoin is majorly accepted.

So if it is not safe, why Dark web?

To be honest, it is safe, you just need to watch out for what you are clicking into. Not everyone uses the deep web to get drugs or to do something illegal. A lot of people express their freedom of speech in the dark web where their own countries or communities are against them. There are communities and ideologies that aren’t widely accepted in the real world. People gather here to get what they want just anonymously and there is nothing wrong with that. Many people crave privacy and dark web lets them have it.

Many websites, on the contrary, are hosting on the TOR too. BBC has announced their presence in the dark web citing all their viewers could now access them irrespective of the location they are in.

Things to look out while using the deep web

When you look out for answers on the dark web, it usually comes down to the illegal stuff. The word dark web already triggers the red flags, keeping a lookout for all the possible harms is the smart thing to do. WARNING: No matter the precautions you take, there will be number of things that could go wrong. Browsing dark web is to be done on your own risk!

Update your devices

As simple as it sounds keeping your device update on the software and running powerful virus protection software could save your device from hackers. When you are new, it is possible to click into something you don’t want to. Having a pretty updated firewall and virus protection software could buy you a little amount of peace.

Do not share your private information

Even though you don’t fill them up manually, with the help of your email or any other account you use to log in your information and data can be extracted with the modern available hacking tools within seconds. Having a private email could save you the stress of being hacked.

Always, we mean ALWAYS keep track of your downloads and the recent updates

While you browse the dark web numerous links and numerous software can run in the background without your knowledge. The deep web is the breeding place for hackers. Ransomware could practically be the end of your device. Some downloads like Trojans could totally go unnoticed, that’s why it is important to have a good antivirus program up and running.

Webcam hijacking

While browsing the dark web, we actively encourage you to follow this as a precaution. Once someone gets hold of your front cam and audio, it could end pretty badly. All those news and articles about why you should hide your webcam? Yeah, they are real and if you aren’t taking precautions you will definitely regret it sooner or later.

And Finally,

A lot of times dark web and deep web links are confused. Although there are major differences when people mean the deep web it is usually associated with the dark web. Although there is nothing wrong in craving for some much-needed privacy, there could be various things that will rip you of the same. Having a good and trusted VPN could save you a little but never totally.

While a recent report says, the quantity of the users in the dark web has reduced over the years. With the growing need for privacy, experts consider the future of the internet is the dark web. Maybe there will come a time when we will start using the dark web for sharing private files and data. A lot of enhancement should be done before that can be dreamt of. For now the deep web is highly unsafe and disturbing to a certain limit, if used right it could be a blessing which comes with the price of taking the risk.