Deep web – What is deep web? How to access it?

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Deep web – Everyone who crosses the word “deep web” will be curious to know about it. To those who really need to access it and needs to know about it or need to surf the deep web safely, we got you some intersting facts and basic stuffs you need to know about the deep web.

What is deep web? is that a ghost? ghost of internet? NO. Deep web is the under world of the internet.

Let me clear you first that you cannot access the deep web with your regular browsers or search engines. You must need a different browser name TOR browser to access the deep web.

We must have come across the regular extension of the internet such as “.com .in .us .eu etc., etc.,” but not “.onion” extension, example “xxxx.onion“. The sites with “.onion” extension are only found in deep web and they can be browsed only through the special browser TOR.

Almost about 98% of the internet are hidden under deep web and if you are new to the term deep web you are been fooled with the 2% of the internet.

You may have a question “Why the popular search engines or the browsers don’t index .onion sites.” It is because that most of the sites in deep web are inappropriate and most them of are scams. Not only because of this, the main reason for building such a network is that to maintain the anonymity of the user. For example “A person who provided an information and the person who access the information don’t know each other and their anonymity will be maintained.”

Before entering briefly you must know that deep web differs from dark web. Both are not same.


If you need to access the deep web you must need the TOR browser installed in your PC or mobile.

There are several browsers available in the name of TOR but the official browser is TOR project. You can download and install TOR browser here TORproject.

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Like other browsers TOR browser gets installed in your PC and you can start using it as like other browser. When you open the browser it ask for a URL or search query.

Unlike google and other search engines it doesnot have a crawling system nor indexing system in it. It makes hard to find for you to what you need. But search engines of deep web like uncensored hidden wiki provide better results as you need.

TOR browser for android – download here.

The only browser for android by TORproject.


You got the browser but you need a better search engine to browse the deep web. Here we provide you the top most used search engines of deep web.

  • Uncensored hidden wiki
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Onion URL repository
  • Torch
  • The WWW virtual library
  • notEvil
  • TorLinks
  • ParaZite
  • Grams
  • TouchGraph
  • Start Page


Now you have gained a basic knowledge to access the deep web.

You got the browser, you got the search engine, all you got but don’t immediately land on the deep web because browsing deep web or dark web through a unsecured network will put you in high risk of getting hacked, losing your data, losing your anonymity.

So here we got some security tips to be safe on deep web.

  • The first and the important advice I would like to give you personally is that if you really want to explore the deep web or if you need to be on deep web please use laptop or PC that is completely formatted and make sure that no details or data’s left in it. Take it as a request or advice or a security tip.
  • Create a new identity – It is that don’t use your regular mail id’s passwords etc., create a new identity of you.
  • Don’t believe any one you find on the deep web, it may lead to anonymity theft or it will lead to problems.
  • Keep updating the TOR browser regularly, before you start to use make sure it is up to date. Also update your operating system.
  • Make sure you hided your webcam of your laptop or disconnect your webcam from your PC because this may lead to webcam hijacking.
  • Even if the TOR offer a degree of privacy and anonymity you should be more safe in the deep web by using premium VPN’s. Make sure that you don’t use free VPN’s. It is because that VPN’s protect your anonymity and privacy from some websites that collect your basic information such as your IP’s. Since deep web and dark web are meant for protecting privacy and anonymity it is you to protect them 100% sure. So always use a VPN.
  • Don’t leave any traces in the deep web. Make sure that all the transactions that you make in the deep web and dark web are carried only through Bitcoins and other crypto.

Follow this basic security tips and stay anonymous on the deep web.


Everyone will have a question now that “what will be in deep web and what are all in deep web” because of the heroic information’s that I gave you about the deep web.

The answer for the question is vast and wide because you get everything on the deep web and dark web.

But I will list some services that are available in the deep web. It is because these are the services that are not indexed by the popular browsers and search engines.

  • Hiring an hacker
  • Buying cloned credit cards
  • Buying bitcoins
  • E-book
  • Weapons
  • Drugs
  • Viruses etc.,

As I mentioned above you can find all the illegal activities in the deep web.

You can also browse through the most sensitive contents in deep web, but note that I don’t recommend you to browse this contents because the information here will be more sensitive and also this may lead to risks.

  • Child pornography(NOTE : viewing a child pornography is also a crime)
  • RED ROOM etc.,

I hope that you get some basic ideas about what you can get in the deep web.


Never share any of your identity on the deep web, stay anonymous.

Always use a VPN to hide your IP’s and make sure that you are anonymous in the deep web.

Always use Bitcoin as the currency for transactions in the deep web, because usage of other currency and payment system may lead to reveal your identity.

Make sure that you don’t buy any illegal drugs or weapons in deep web and get caught by law enforcements.


People visit deep web mostly for pirated softwares, hacking materials mostly. Since the popular search engines don’t allow websites with content of hacking materials people choose the other way which is deep web.

As most of them visit deep web for the pirated version of the software and movies some of them are visiting deep web for drugs and weapons.

Deep web contains some online market stores as such like amazon, wallmart. In this stores they can get banned drugs and weapons and also they ship them to desired countries.


Consider that you are using a reputed browsers and surfing through the internet. If you need to download some movies or songs you will visit a website to download the data. While using the website it may throw or take you to the new site where the actual process of inserting virus to your PC begins, where the virus gets installed in your PC and works without your knowledge.

In this case if you use a VPN, the VPN stops the actual process and you remain safe. Simple.

When you install the VPN it protects you from online scams.

When you browse the deep web you must instll the VPN before accessing it, because many underworld hackers are waiting to steal your data. If you browse the deep web without a VPN there are high chances of data stealing threat. So before using the deep web make sure you install a VPN.

NOTE : Deep web is danger than you think so make sure you follow the safety lines.

We hope that you got some knowledge about deep web.