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How to access the deep web links

We will provide you the top best deep web links to access the Deep Web Links on this topic. Also, we will discuss what the deep web is and the difference between the deep web and the dark web in a short case is. Also, we provide you a beginner guide to access the deep web.

If you are not a beginner and know what deep web is and how to access it, you can directly jump over the links to access it.

Our team tests the links that we provide here to ensure the safety of our viewers because some of the links may cause damage to your mobile phone or computer.

To ensure double protection, we recommend you use a VPN to protect yourself and your computer. There are many VPNs available in the market, but we recommend you use NORDVPN, the best NO1 VPN service provider in the market.

But the links we provide here are 100% safe to browse. 

NOTE: “Only to browse.”

What is the Deep Web? Difference between Deep Web and Dark Web.

What is deep web

To get the basic knowledge about the deep web, we explain it in a short topic.

We all know clearnet. Clearnet means the one where you browse through bing, google, yahoo, Facebook, etc. All the websites that end with .com .org, etc., are known as clearnet. Clearnet is a safe area of the internet. But Deep web is different from clearnet.

All websites that end with .onion are known as deep web or dark web. One cannot find the person behind the domain or domain hosting provider. All the data of the domain remains unknown. We can call it an anonymous web.

The deep web is a place where one can buy credit cards, cloned cards, onion links directory, forums about deep web, Hosting provider for the deep web, pirated movies, games, and songs, etc.,

But on the dark web, it’s completely different, and so we don’t post any dark web links here for your safety.

The deep web is hidden below the clearnet, and the dark web is hidden below the deep web. The name “dark” itself derives that only dark things happen in the dark web.

The dark web is a place where one can buy drugs, hire an assassin, hire a hacker, weapons, etc., But there are many scammers on the dark web. All the illegal activities take place on the dark web.

Now we hope that you got a piece of basic knowledge on deep web and dark web.

How to access the Deep Web Links?

We have learned what is the deep web is and what is the dark web. Now we have to know that how to access the deep web.

You cannot access the deep web with clearnet. So in order to access the deep web, you need a particular browser called “Tor Browser.”

Tor Browser is the only safe browser to access the deep web and dark web. You can download the Tor Browser at

Tor browser is available for windows, apple devices, Linux, and Android. Make sure you only download the browser from

After you download the tor browser, you can start browsing the deep web by the below links that are safe to browse.

deep web links 2021

Best Deep Web Links to check in 2021 

Verified Deep web Markets 

http://blackma6xtzkajcy2eahws4q65ayhnsa6kghu6oa6sci2ul47fq66jqd.onion/ – BlackMart – BlackMart is one of the largest deep web markets where you can buy credit cards, cloned cards, debit cards, VISA, master cards, PayPal, Amazon gift cards, western union, etc. BlackMart has a large number of vendor options with top ratings only. Your money will be safe with the market provider unless you get the product from the vendor. The market won’t pay the vendor. So security is guaranteed. The payment method is Bitcoins. There is a wallet option too. Response from deep web forums is good. Best customer support. [SAFE]

http://cardzilevs4j4nj6uswfwf35oxnp64yrrtazjgap2w3vgoz2pwkp6sqd.onion Cardzilla – Cardzilla is one of the leading marketplaces. They provide the products at a low price as they are one of the most significant credit and cloned cards on the deep web. Trusted and cheap market in the deep web. Products available are Visa cards, Mastercards, Cloned cards, PayPal, and western union. They accept payments through bitcoins. They supply cards to other markets. Reviews and ratings in deep web forums are A1.[SAFE]

http://million5utxgrxru4rqmjwn7jji6bf44jkdqn3xyav6md5ebwy5l2ryd.onion/ – 21 million club – 21 Million Club is a place where one can buy and sell Bitcoin wallets. They provide Bitcoin wallets with proofs of Bitcoin in those wallets. They offer a range of Bitcoin wallets starting from cheaper to higher. Most trusted as they provide proofs. Payments are made through bitcoins. Wallets are updated after every sale. One of the longest discussions in deep web forums about how they send details to access wallets quickly after the payment.[SAFE]

http://deepmexzsejpzqid3k7knaas2p73dko6kxgpou7oey7vqtmrhopjyqyd.onion/ – Deep Mart is a market where it provides vendor options and also includes escrow options for payment.

Deep Web Links and Markets that are Inactive and Scam

http://valhallaxmn3fydu.onion – Valhalla has been shut down by the government as it involved illegal activities.

http://wallstyizjhkrvmj.onion/ – Wallstreet  – It provided a broader option to purchase in the deep web, but the government seized it.

n4kq7b3eguym4kf75g5msumwgh3ydeikxeh3r5ywcjmnlgryt5qd4nyd.onion – Deep Sea market – Biggest scammer of the deep web never buy. The market will look genuine and legit, but they are scammers.

rpd25x73bfc57j5b6c7u4y5pfbyxdi2qtnwl2a4jorqsnah4ug2z5iqd.onion – Royal Market – They are also biggest scammers in deep web. Do not enter the market.

canadahq2lo3logs.onion – CanadaHQ  – Don’t register or buy any products from the market as they were proven scams.[SCAM]

Verified Deep web Markets 

Deep Web Hosting Providers – Impreza – One of the best hosting providers for the deep web. They provide many hosting options as onshore and offshore hosting etc. If you are about to host a deep web, then this is the place for you. Excellent customer support. – Mivocloud is the next best option to Impreza. They also provide the same features as Impreza. If you need an alternative, then this is the place for you.

http://hostings775u2t4i.onion/ – Hidden onion hosting is one of the scammers. They tend to be legit, but after the payment, they run away with your money.

hzwjmjimhr7bdmfv2doll4upibt5ojjmpo3pbp5ctwcg37n3hyk7qzid.onion – We came to know that this hosting provider scammed by not replying. It may look cheap. But don’t go for hosting providers like this.

kaizushih5iec2mxohpvbt5uaapqdnbluaasa2cmsrrjtwrbx46cnaid.onion – Most complaints received are accusations of the downtime of the servers are very, very high, and it affects the customers. So mostly scam.

Tor Directory 

http://kfj2am4ee2asdqflt4tuxxwbeuzmh6tv64ojbqscc4u55skrechsxzad.onion/doku.php – Tor Hidden wiki contains a lot of valuable links for the deep web. Mostly they don’t keep the dead links there. They remove the dead links and replace them with other good connections to the market. They have categorized the scam links too.

http://jh32yv5zgayyyts3.onion/ – Hidden tor links – Since 2013, they have provided the best Tor links, but most of the verified links look scam and dead links. It would be great if they updated the links. Also, they provide some links to the dark web that seems disturbing. So get into it at your own risk.

7cbqhjnlkivmigxf.onion – .onion URL’s  – It seems the link has expired, or the site’s founder left the site unused. Do not enter as the link is not working.

befrpwfinqkww32q.onion – Befr links -They provide many onion directories, but most of the links seem to be scam links or expired. They can provide an excellent database of tor links, but they failed to do that.

wikitjerrta4qgz4.onion – The hidden wiki is one of the oldest directory lists but a scam. Never visit as we mentioned it as a scam.

Torrents Movie links 

http://piratebayztemzmv.onion/ – Pirate bay provides all pirated movies online. But they ask for a register to use. We don’t know why they ask for a sign-up or login to download the film because they are all available in clearnet. But it seems they demand BTC for the download links, so be cautious before entering.

http://rutorc6mqdinc4cz.onion/ – Rutor updates movies every day or week. They have a large number of download links of all movie languages. Just visit the site. Don’t do anything there.

btweb36l5cxqtcg4.onion – Songs, Movies, Torrent links, etc., The site has been down for six months.

oycijxgzuens2tsr.onion – Indonesian Torrent movie link. All local language torrent links are available here.

Forum Links

rrcc5uuudhh4oz3c.onion – Forum with all types of topics include deep web and dark web. Almost all questions and queries will be answered here. We ask you to pick this forum for your queries on the deep web.

zoovillez7yc3pa3.onion – Zooville provides not only forums but also directories to the deep web and dark web. Use this site only for forum questions. They also advertise some links to the deep web. Don’t go for the directory. Use the site only for the forum.

http://altcoinexpx3on26hpsbu4b5ipojqetyla677xva66jnidyxhrxrizqd.onion/ – This site explains and talks about altcoins. But currently, the site is down. If the site is up, then it’s useful for altcoin topics.

rhe4faeuhjs4ldc5.onion – Hacking forum – This site is meant for hackers. Questions and queries related to hacking are explained. This includes white hat and black hat hacking.

gerkipwhfuqeeizl.onion – This forum mainly concentrates on crypto, making money, etc., so we think this helps.

Deep Web Links of Scammers

Since we got many emails regarding the scammers on the deep web, who pretend to provide the products but don’t deliver or respond to the customers, we made a list of scammers on the deep web. The below-given links are top scammers since 2020.

http://35flmpspwpnarbos.onion/Apple world  – This site has various iPhones, but the site is a scam. Please don’t buy from this site or recommend it to anyone. They may use multiple strategies to cheat you but be careful and stay away from this site.[SCAM]

worldps45uh3rhedmx7g3jgjf3vw52wkvvcastfm46fzrpwoc7f33lid.onionWorld market – One of the biggest scammers in recent times. We recommend you never visit this site. There may be many products available but don’t lose your money to these scammers. They have many mirror links, but they are also scams, so don’t use links that say the world market.[SCAM]

yxuy5oau7nugw4kpb4lclrqdbixp3wvc4iuiad23ebyp2q3gx7rtrgqd.onion Torrrez market – As we discussed in the above site, this site also scamming people with their site. When we strictly say scam, please don’t visit this type of site and lose your money.[SCAM]

http://icarucz2c5b5m24oqip2wjx5qehxr5haecfmgjxxt2otg45tjhlwnrid.onion/Icarus Market – As they are new to the market, everyone was thinking of them as legit, but they are waiting for an exit scam to happen. Scammers 2021.[SCAM]

http://cannazon4gbjluus.onion/Cannazon market – They have listed many products on their site. This site looks confusing, and after the inquiry, we came to know they are also scammers. Never buy a single product from here. Else you will feel for your money.[SCAM]

http://2oywvwmtzdelmiei.onion/The majestic garden – If you buy a product from this site, then you are going to lose your money for sure. Save your money by not entering this site.[SCAM]

http://liberty6o7lubin4t2nzyebylmk4l4xfw6kk2o5xhg3fahqoatfiprqd.onionLiberty market – They provide a vast number of products here. Be ready to lose your money here. Because no products will reach you. This market is also a scam.[SCAM]

http://p5eg3xsssjglu6tvwfazp2nqqwfpah55wr3ljil2bezp5shix5ruqsqd.onion/ DarkFox Market – If you think of buying a product from here, kindly drop the idea of purchasing anything from the market. Scammers of 2021. Beware of buying the products from here.[SCAM]

aurora7t7en7racqbytspft6myxds25hnczjk56tvqev2bziir74t4yd.onionAurora Market – The market links are down. But even if it’s available online, don’t visit this site because they don’t even respond to customers, and also, their scam score is 100%.[SCAM]

coronhls55k7oo3mzzwf3xlketww6rgdpxtpoxv3yogtvjiboohytuqd.onionCorona Market – Launched recently during the pandemic, but they seem to be the topmost scammer in the deep web. We tried to contact them via mail, but they seemed money-minded and never responded to the complaints we asked them. 100% scammers. You only lose your money here and won’t get anything from here. The website is down now.[SCAM]

pt2mftbxeczbzufi2v7b3ekmsun4khq6hi7bdjo7w23fsx3easvr73ad.onion – You will not receive any products from here. You have to waste your money here if you buy from here.[SCAM]

http://ftec4org3hcpnoir.onion/Apple palace – After placing an order from this site, you won’t receive any products because they are scammers.[SCAM]

http://asap2u4pvplnkzl7ecle45wajojnftja45wvovl3jrvhangeyq67ziid.onion/ASAP market – They pretend to have products with them, but they don’t even respond to you after the purchase. They are well-versed scammers. Stay away from the market.[SCAM]

http://torbuyxpe6auueywlctu4wz6ur3o5n2meybt6tyi4rmeudtjsysayqyd.onion/Torbuy market – We have seen in recent times that more number of scam alerts for this site has increased a lot. They are pure scammers, and they won’t deliver anything. Always stay away from these markets.[SCAM]

http://jppr7cpe7m5fndlehgz2c76qgsgi4p4yrwrusqkdcsu76gtd7wpr5fid.onionUnderMarket – Those who are new to the deep web may not know these guys, but as experienced in deep web topic we all know that under-market is a big scammer of 2020 and also now they arrived with new domain in 2021 to scam everyone.[SCAM]

http://darkoddrkj3gqz7ke7nyjfkh7o72hlvr44uz5zl2xrapna4tribuorqd.onion/ – We advise our visitors to stay away from this market. They seem to be more like a scammer, and we received 1000’s of emails last month alone as scams with proofs. So stay away from the market.[SCAM]

http://auzbdiguv5qtp37xoma3n4xfch62duxtdiu4cfrrwbxgckipd4aktxid.onion/White house market – We have done strong research about the market, and we firmly say that they are scammers. We have researched and discussed this topic in forums of the deep web everyone was complaining that they are not getting any response even after months. Sorry for those who lose their money here.[SCAM]


We have reached many forums to get these links and also the safe links for you. This site should be used only for educational purposes, and so we are listing the deep web. The above sites are only meant to browse. Kindly avoid any illegal activities on the deep web and also stay away from the dark web. We,, are not responsible for any of your losses on the deep web. We have made this topic purely for educational purposes and only made safe links on the deep web. We can provide you with 1000 links, but not so many deep web links are safe to browse.

If you wish to share any scam links in our list you can always contact us. Also if you need any of the category to be listed here kindly contact us.

If you wish to share any scam links in our list, you can always contact us. Also, if you need any of the categories to be listed here, kindly contact us.

Warning! Before you start browsing the deep web links, make sure you’re safe.

It is critical to take security precautions if you intend to enter the deep web using one of the best dark web URLs listed here. Surveillance and data theft are only two of the concerns you should be aware of when using the dark web.

Because the dark web is uncontrolled, you run the risk of being prey to viruses and cybercriminals looking for your personal information. As a result, you should have an antivirus programme installed and operating, as well as a VPN.

A VPN is a powerful cybersecurity tool that encrypts your data and replaces your original IP address with a new one. VPNs protect you online and protect you from certain sorts of cybercrime. When browsing the dark web, it’s usually a good idea to use a reputable VPN.

The Onion Router (TOR)

TOR is a server network that allows users to surf the internet anonymously. It’s a non-profit foundation whose primary goal is to create and explore internet privacy technologies.

How TOR Works

When you browse the internet with TOR, their network hides your identity by routing your traffic via multiple servers. Also, because TOR encrypts your traffic, your IP address cannot be traced back to you if you visit a darknet site.

The method of downloading and utilizing TOR is relatively straightforward. All you have to do is go to the TOR Project URL and follow the download instructions. It’s effortless and takes less than five minutes to complete.


If you wish to access the dark web, you’ll also need Tails. It’s a live operating system that can be installed on nearly any machine using a USB stick. You can get Tails by clicking this link.

Installing Tails to access dark web URLs in 2021 is as easy as downloading any other browser.

Using Tails and TOR

There’s no need to fear if you’ve never used Tails or TOR before; their manuals will walk you through the entire process. Keep in mind that you’ll be downloading TOR to your computer directly. Tails, on the other hand, must be downloaded directly to your flash drive.

After you’ve installed these two apps, you can begin browsing the dark web using the dark web URLs we’ve provided. The dark web links collection above also includes some of the most popular search engines and portals for accessing the dark web.

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