Best Dark Web Market Websites – Dark Web Market Links 2020

dark web market

Dark Web Market

The dark web market is a place where you can find almost anything but not everything you get there is legit or legal. Surfing the dark web market without any prior knowledge on what you are doing can literally land you in jail or can make you the victim.

Clicking on a random webpage may display things that you will find it hard to un-seen or downloading a random file may pose a risk of hacking your device and stealing your identity. So its never a good idea to go wandering the dark web without a good VPN and a trusted browser.

Dark Web Markets

We have curated a list of top 9 most happening websites of the dark web, but before we get into that always remember accessing the dark web is legal however the things you do on the dark web market may be illegal. If an action is illegal in your country it will be illegal if you do it online as well.

Dark Web Markets 2020

Know your limits before you go ahead with the dark web markets 2020. Also, this article is drafted for the sake of educational and research purposes, we are not responsible for your actions on the web and the dark web. The websites can only be accessed with the help of a TOR browser, It is wise and is repeatedly advised to use a VPN when you access the dark web.

Top 9 Dark web market

  1. Silk Road 3.1

    If you have heard about the darknet market in the news, it is most likely because of this. After creating huge controversies, arrests and sieges, the Silk Road, the original website was taken down but not soon after silk road 2.0 surfaced gaining the same popularity but was quickly taken down. Even with constant monitoring silk rad 3.0 surfaced and is live and active.

    You can find almost everything on a single website. From software, stolen bank and identity details to illegal drugs. Silk road remains as one of the sites which have been attracting huge crowds of visitors and also is been monitored endlessly by the authorities.

  2. Alpha Bay

    Alpha bay is known for its massive identity sales, you can find accounts of hacked Facebook password’s to bank accounts usually in bulk. Every once in awhile card details of debit and credit cards have made the federal agents flabbergasted as it contains bank details and card information of almost every bank leaving none behind.

  3. Dream Market

    Existing in the dark web since 2013, dream market even though being small compared to the other sites, it is one of the well thriving ones. You can almost find anything and everything here with a wide range of categories to explore from.

    The best part as considered by buyers is that there is a rating system present just like in modern ecommerce businesses where buyers can leave reviews for the products from zero to five stars.

    It is very easy to open an account on the dream market. Dream market will take 4% of every sale you make. Purchases are made through bitcoin to keep the anonymity of the sellers and buyers.

  4. Tochaka Market Place

    By far, one of the largest markets available on the dark web. Constantly reappearing on the list of popular markets on the dark web. It has currently more than 20,000 listings both legal and illegal apart from drugs. If you are looking for a place to find something quite different, this is the place for you.

    The market is pretty vast and has a vendor warning system in place which identifies a vendor if he is a scammer. The website is encrypted to make sure the buyers’ data and identity are not leaked.

  5. Empire market

    This market is comparatively new to the other listings here. This market was launched in early 2018 replacing the alpha bay market after it was shut down in 2017. It has a huge listing of drugs and other items. The payment mode is very flexible as it accepts most of the cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, lite coin etc. Anyone can open an account and buy and sell things. The empire market charges very little commission to every sale you make.

  6. Berlusconi Market

    Surfacing in the mid-2017, Berlusconi market has earned a name for itself. With over 12000 listings only 6000 are them are drugs meaning you could explore a lot more than drugs here.

    The market is known for its lack of multisig unlike other market places in the dark web and does not force vendor PGP. However, it does have a 2FA to keep you safe while buying online.

  7. Yellow Brick Market

    The yellow brick market is one of the sites which supports almost everything but the prime listing are drugs. The yellow brick market is not open for the public, as you need an invitation code to become a vendor or a buyer. The vendor can send invitation codes or will spread them in the dark web. The registration closes once a limited amount of registrations have been done.

  8. Wall Street Market

    Names can be deceiving; the Wall Street market has nothing to do with the stock exchanges or the stock market. The wall street is competitively small when compared with other sites in the listings with half of the listings being drugs. What makes this market place stand out is the layout and the user-friendly interface. It provides the ultimate customer-friendly experience. The wall street has since been taken down by the German police.

  9. Zion market

    Even though being one of the really small market places in the dark web and the listings most of them being only drugs, the zion market makes the list only because it supports automated PGP and 2FA and multiple account wallets. Anyone can sign up to sell or buy through the open entry form. Multiple payment methods are supported Bitcoin being one of them, making it impossible to scam both by the seller and the buyer.

    You can get the onion links for the above listed markets by using TOR network. You will get an ‘.onion’ link for example http://abcxxxxxx.onion/. You can access those links only on TOR and VPN connected.

    All the markets listed here contain illegal activities involved, we strongly recommend you to consider your actions before you get involved. We do not support or encourage any activities or responsible for your activities on the dark web markets 2020. To avoid possible hacking or identity theft always use a trusted VPN and TOR browser for maximum security.

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