Dark Web Browser – Best and Trusted Sites 2020

dark web browsers

What is a Deep web?

Let’s get down with the deep web basics before we dig dark web browser. The dark web is a part of the internet which cannot be accessed with the help of a regular search engine. While there is a taboo surrounding the phrases deep web and the dark web, there is a fair chance that you have already accessed the deep web.

The deep web is anything that cannot be accessed without an URL and very much accessible with traditional browsers. Anything that has a user id and password or any page which is not indexed by the search engines come under the deep web.

With that, the deep web is also confused with the dark web frequently. The dark web is a place on the internet that is highly configured and cannot be accessed with the traditional search engines we use on a daily basis. Since the web addresses end with the suffix ‘or’ indication the onion router. Even though the phrases are confused the dark web has taken the meaning of deep web on and off through the years.

The deep web is usually considered safe and may contain sensitive information such as the medical records, legal records and user name password directory of a bank. Hacking the deep web sites can be illegal. While accessing the dark web is not illegal though you may find questionable activities therein which if you are involved could be illegal.

So the next question arises if the deep/dark web is encrypted and cannot be accessed with the regular search engines what are the ways to access it? You will be greatly surprised with the list of the dark web browser that actually do support this.

Please Read Before You Go

Before we get into that, although the dark web is not illegal to access, it may be highly risky and you could possibly end up in illegal activity. This article is based only for educational and research purposes. We will not be responsible for your actions and consequences on the dark web. It is wise to use a VPN to protect your privacy when you access the dark web.

List of Trusted Dark Web Browser

Let’s start with some of the basic and well-known dark web browser who have hidden the feature to browse the dark/deep web right under our nose.


  1. TOR Browser

    TOR browser is the most well-known dark web browser that could access the dark web. Even though there are lots of browsers that do support the dark web, using TOR would be the only straight forward and basic search engine that could access the dark web. The TOR does not work like the regular search engines where you enter the keyword and thousands of search engines show up related to the search. Unless you know a particular website to access, you would be completely lost.

    dark web browsers
  2. FireFox

    Oh yes, you read that right. The popular search engine that competes in par with chrome and safari has a hidden feature that will help you route your browser to the TOR search engine. Using your regular search engine may pose a problem if you have the habit of saving your passwords. Nothing can be trusted when it comes to your privacy and the dark web. Make sure you have a proper VPN in place and Https can home in handy too. https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/

  3. Water Fox

    Obviously another of Firefox browsers except this is completely cut off from Mozilla. Although you can still find plugins on the internet. When you browse on water fox all your history, cache and cookies are completely erased after every session. If you are a fan of privacy, this could be your key.

    dark web browsers
  4. Opera

    Again, yes you read it right. Opera just like firefox can be used to browse the deep/Dark web just by changing the setting to route to the TOR browser. Opera has gone to great lengths to carter for its users’ needs. The new versions of Opera come with an inbuilt VPN providing you with an extra layer of protection. Even though it has a VPN inbuilt nothing actually compares it to the paid, trusted versions you get online. Unless you have a paid or a trusted VPN we recommend not to browse the dark web as your IP could be traced back easily.

    dark web browsers
  5. Duck Duck Go

    If you are active in social media, there is a chance you would have come across this dark web browser or at least heard of it. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not track your IP or your history for that matter. You can access the dark web and the surface web effortlessly. It gives you a great sense of privacy and is a great way to browse the deep web going completely anonymous.

    dark web browsers
  6. I2P

    Invisible Internet Project – Like DuckDuckGo you can access the surface web and the dark web easily through a layered stream. Your data is constantly mixed up with constant data making it hard to identify you. ISP can be a bit complicated but provides privacy like no other.

    dark web browsers
  7. Tails (The Amnesic Incognito Live System)

    This browser is one of a kind. Tails can be termed as an OS on its own as it can be very well be used with the help of a USB or with a DVD without any installation on your device. The OS is highly encrypted keeping your privacy intact. To top this off the OS shuts down or halts your current OS keeping your personal files and information secure with no ways to trace back to you.

    dark web browsers
  8. Subgraph OS

    Another OS which is similar to that of tails, which is built on the same source code as that of TOR. Which makes it highly reliable in keeping your identity anonymous. Subgraph is highly encrypted with multiple layers of protection which ensures to keep your identity unknown while sending or receiving files.

    dark web browsers

These are the top eight dark web browser that are reliable and safe to use. Although with the highest technology by your side it’s always important to be on the safer side. Keeping a highly reliable VPN will throw off any possible identification breach and gives you an extra layer of protection. Dark/Deep web is a very unreliable space if you have the absolute need to keep your files and transactions secure, make sure you do not click on random links or visit random websites while you are on it.